Execute your own javascript scripts on the currently opened ReqIF document. Mass update attributes conditionally or based on other attributes. […]

Customizable Requirement Patterns

ReqEdit offers the possibility for organizations or users to define custom requirement patterns so that the results are well formed […]

ReqEdit File Encrypt/Decrypt tool

ReqEdit File Encrypt/Decrypt Tool ReqEdit Encrypt /Decrypt Tool helps individuals or collaborators to share sensitive files by encrypting it in […]

Encrypt /Decrypt files

The En-/Decrypt file feature encrypts files with password. The Encrypt function supports the following encryption formats: Encrypt method  File extension type […]

ReqEdit Release History

ReqEdit 2.22 Patch 1 Build number: 2.22.8853.32224 Addressing DNG compatibility fixes for attachments and multi object type export and other […]

ReqEdit InterOp Server over SFTP

To have conversions done quickly, InterOp server can be accessed through SFTP and the conversions can be managed manually. Workflow […]

ReqEdit InterOp Server

The InterOp Server is an online solution for file conversions, validation and reading of ReqIF files self-hosted or as a SaaS. […]

Automatic update license

Premises For users/customers with automatic activating license License valability: 1 year To update license : Request for your selling partner […]

Merge / Compare Addon

Tool for comparing and merging ReqIF/ReqIFz files. Can be used to compare two versions of the same file or merge […]

Tested tools with ReqEdit

Tested Tools ReqEdit 2.18 was tested with the following tools: based on the Recommendations PSI of Prostep ivip : Tested […]

Excel importer add-on

Convert a single MS Excel file with XLSX extension or CSV(experimental) to a ReqIF Archive file (.xlsx to .reqifz) Usage […]

Export to MS Excel

File types you can export to MS Excel with ReqEdit Use case for export to MS Excel option Use “Excel […]

Create document in REQEDIT

ReqEdit creates different types of requirement documents. You can create a new specification document withouth attachements. You can create a […]

License Management

Automatic activation. Activation runs automatically for trial version or for some custom-tailored versions. On the last step of the installer […]

XHTML Validation Error

Opening a new file in ReqEdit sometimes will display an error message. VALIDATION ERROR! The file is not valid! This […]

Transfering licenses

This article is part of a more detailed post about License management. To transfer an user license from an old […]

ReqEdit Server Quick Guide

ReqEdit Server offers a centralized way of working with ReqIF files. Mutiple users can work on multiple projects where each […]

Try ReqEdit

Follow the steps to download and try ReqEdit Ultimate for free for 7 days. Trial will start from first run. […]

ReqXML to ReqIF

Simplified XML format for generating ReqIF files with ReqEdit. The XML schema defines that all XML tags MUST be UPPERCASE […]

XML Editor add-on

ReqEdit XML Editor is optimized for ReqIF files. Supports XML validation as well as ReqIF schema validation. Opening the file […]

Add-on for Weak-word analysis

Weak words are words that are confusing for readers and should be avoided if possible. This tool provides a case […]

Document Settings

Before describing the document properties, lets go through the internals of the ReqIF files. TLDR jump to Document properties Attribute […]

Quick start guide

1. Download ReqEdit Read how to download ReqEdit trial and how to install and start it. For the purchased product […]

ReqEdit supply chain

Use ReqEdit in your supply-chain to minimize data loss and risk factors. Give your suppliers the possibility to use ReqIF […]

Batch Mode Automatization

ReqEdit can be used without GUI in a command line to import or export ReqIF files. Batch mode functionality: Import […]

License activation

General overview about the license activation options. For more details, click here. Automatic activation Activation is automatic for trial version […]

Requirement Templates

Templates for Requirement Engineering ReqEdit offers templates for different use cases between customer and supplier according to Prostep ivip Recommendations. […]

License Detach Utility

To be able to work outside of the restricted environment and self hosted license server, licenses can be locked for […]


RIF, ReqIF If the files that the user edits or creates should be imported to IBM Rational DOORS (directly or […]


The Import add-on opens non-standard ReqIF files and imports MS Word document files, or MS Excel spreadsheets. To import click […]

Notices and Limitations

HTML import – import quality depends a lot on the html code structure, use basic HTML as much as possible, […]

Error reporting

Crash reports When a fatal crash happens, ReqEdit tries to collect non sensitive information about the situation. A notification asks […]


Expert users can fine tune ReqEdit for their specific use case, and configure lots of ReqIF related settings Document settings […]


How to print requirements? ReqEdit supports printing the Main Column or all the visible contents of the current document. File […]