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Quick start guide

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last updated: 11/02/2021

Download ReqEdit

Read how to download ReqEdit demo for free and how to install and start it.

Install and activate ReqEdit

License activation is done in the backgorund automatically on the first run.

Depending on your work environment there are multiple activation possibilities. Online activation is the easiest but on restricted networks offline activation is also possible.

Read more on Starting ReqEdit and Licensing models

Opening ReqIf files

From the File menu open a ReqIF / ReqIF Archive file. If the file is not non-standard but can be converted a popup will notify about it.

Read more on Opening Reqif files

Opening Doors RIF files

IBM Rational DOORS version. 9.5.2 and Atego Requirements Synchronizer 2.4 files can be opened in ReqEdit. This operation needs an automatic conversion to a compatible format. The import wizard will guide through the process.

Read more in the Importing chapter

Converting MS Office documents to ReqIF

Prepare a mapping file for the containing tables to attributes

Use Import wizard and select Word format

Read more about Importing chapter

Convert MS Excel to ReqIF

Use the Excel importer add-on to select and configure the conversion

After completion open the file in ReqEdit

Read more about Excel importer add-on

Exporting to Doors

IBM DOORS requires ReqIF files to be in a specific non standard format. IBM Rational DOORS version. 9.5.2 and Atego Requirements Synchronizer 2.4 have been tested

  1. use Export wizard
  2. select appropiate export type
    • Export to Doors compatible format, can be imported into DOORS
    • Export to RIF 1.1a, can produce multiple zip files if there are multiple specifications

Read more in the Exporting chapter

Creating ReqIF from other data sources

Intermediary ReqXML format can be used to convert from any source to ReqIF file. This conversion runs in command line and can be automated.

Read more about ReqXML to ReqIF