License Detach Utility

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License Detach Utility

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last updated: 02/16/2023

To be able to work outside of the restricted environment and self hosted license server, licenses can be locked for on the go usage. Each detached (locked) license will have an expiration period after which automatically will be restored and the PCs will not be able to use ReqEdit anymore.

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For detaching another license the PC has to be inside the network after which the detachment can be done again.


ReqEdit is used inside a restricted network where the PCs cannot access ReqEdit License Server, a self hosted network license server is used. This server holds all the license pools available to the network.

When ReqEdit has to be used outside this environment a license can be locked and detached for on-the-go usage.

NOTE: Detaching has to be done inside the restricted network before disconnecting.

Diagram showing ReqEdit usage in a restricted environment where a stand-alone license server is used,
detaching a license for on the go usage

Work on-the-go

Detaching licenses from network server

Start the tool by selecting Add-ons > License Detach from the top menu

Detach Tool Add-On Tab

License Detach tool add-on will be displayed. The available number of licenses will be listed in the window (refreshed every 20 seconds).

Select the license that needs to be taken out and configure the period.

Detach tool add-on window

Press Detach license to reserve a license and take it out.

Detach tool displaying a detached license

ReqEdit can be used on the go for the configured period, after which the license will expire and cannot be used. Another license has to be detached again from inside the network.


The Log entries tab displays the last 100 messages in reverse order. To get the complete log message click on Open full log file on the bottom of the page.