Notices and Limitations

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Notices and Limitations

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last updated: 12/21/2023

HTML import – import quality depends a lot on the html code structure, use basic HTML as much as possible, do a cleanup before import if possible

Cut-copy-paste, promote, demote multiple rows at once – can give unexpected results, please save document before operations

Pasting large amounts of html / content above 32000 characters could have problems on other RM tools when importing the ReqIF file

Comparing DNG ReqIF files is not supported, compare works only with ReqEdit imported files

When working with large ReqIF files and the backup is enabled, the application can become unstable, deactivate periodic backup to improve the stability.

Opening ReqIF files over 10.000 objects can take a long time.

Rif/ReqIF file support

RIF 1.0/1.0a/1.1/1.1asupported
ReqIF 1.0/1.0.1/1.1/1.2supported, see limitations
RIF/ReqIF version support in ReqEdit


Documents using multiple spec-object types are converted to a single spec-object type that contains all the attributes and an enum that will represent the object type.

ReqIF files that contains the same object multiple times (ex: in the content then in the glossary) are displayed only one time in the application, but the tree structure navigator will display all.

Spec relation types are not used, ReqEdit will create one by default for all links.

Spec relation groups are used internally as a pointer to a specification.

Spec relation attributes are not displayed.

Specification document naming

Document names can only contain alphanumeric, space, period, underscore, hyphens characters.


ReqEdit is producing the followin log files

  • action log for each file (does not contain actual values only action names) of each opened document
  • app crash logs
  • general app log
  • addon action logs
    • %AppData%..\Local\REQTEAM\ReqEdit_Merge
    • %AppData%..\Local\REQTEAM\ReqMerge
    • %AppData%..\Local\REQTEAM\Excel_Import
  • server files list cache
  • licensing solution logs

The log files can be found here %AppData%\..\Local\REQTEAM\ReqEdit and %AppData%\..\Local\SafeNet Sentinel folders.

Data retention policy

ReqEdit will keep logs and backup files for 6 months. All older logs and backup files are deleted automatically on each start.

These files can be completely deleted up until now by clicking the Settings > User > Delete Temporary Files button.

OLE Objects

OLE was is a proprietary technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects.

Only ReqIF Archive .reqifz files support this feature

Import large OLE Files in ReqEdit

In some cases memory limitations will limit the OLE object conversion, in this case the OLE object will be wrapped inside an RTF file. Opening the OLE objects will only be possible through MS Word.

For any OLE conversion ReqEdit needs the memory 20 times the size of the OLE object.

Import large OLE Files to DOORS

Exported files that have OLE objects larger than 40-45MB cannot be imported into IBM DOORS that is connected to IBM DOORS server 9.5.


ReqEdit is not able to generate preview images during imports or if they are directly added in the application. A file-type icon will be displayed instead.


Atego Requirements Synchronizer version 2.4 and IBM Rational DOORS 9.5.2. OLE objects can be imported and opened by ReqEdit.

DOORS roundtrip

  • Export always to an empty directory then archive only the contents of this directory to a zip file
  • Check if the ReqIF file and all of the OLE objects are in the root folder of the archive
  • Rename the file to .reqifz
  • Import this file to ReqEdit
  • Edit the file
  • Export the file to to IBM Rational DOORS

Import to DOORS 9.4

Extract the ReqEdit exported file to an empty directory before importing to DOORS

If exports are done directly by IBM Rational DOORS, in most of the cases DOORS will not make the preview images. Only a small broken link icon is displayed as a preview image, but the linked OLE object still exists in the export.

Don’t delete the broken image icons, it is important for the linked OLE object.

Copy / Paste

Copy-paste from external sources will try to keep all formatting from the text.

Image or file copy-paste is partially supported. Drag & Drop of images from external applications like browsers are not supported.

Copy and paste of complex tables may occur problems with ReqEdit.

Limitation of entire function of copy paste on Windows Servers, because of limitation of the Internet Explorer on the server. For detailed description of limitations click here.

Open and save files from ReqEdit Add-ons

The limitation can affect all ReqEdit Add-ons (Excel import, View manager, Compare, XML Editor) where it can not open or save files from / to a network share, which is connected with other user credentials, than the Windows current user.

For detailed description of limitations in the Excel importer Add-on click here.