Customizable Requirement Patterns

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Customizable Requirement Patterns

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last updated: 07/20/2023

ReqEdit offers the possibility for organizations or users to define custom requirement patterns so that the results are well formed requirements.

ReqEdit displaying custom requirement patterns on the right click menu

Customize your requirement patterns according to INCOSE and SEBoK guidelines:

Editing the patterns

In the ReqEdit\Data folder open the requirement-patterns.txt file. This file contains all the submenu items displayed in ReqEdit.

ReqEdit Data folder contents

NOTE: please use a reasonable amount of requirement templates (aprox. 30) so that the users are not confused and the rightclick menu is not too big.

NOTE: after updating the text file ReqEdit needs to be restarted to see the changes

NOTE: there is the chance that <b>text</b> <b>text</b> will be inserted without whitespace, a workaround is to add &nbsp; between the tags, this will force spacing between the tags

File structure

-- Category of pattern
Explanation | The <b>system name</b> shall <b>system response</b>
The <b>Component</b> shall <i>behavior</i>
Legal requirement - do not edit after this!

Each line is represents a submenu item in ReqEdit with the following features:

will gray out the menu item, so that users cannot click on it. This can be used as a separator to categorize patterns

<title> | <text>
will be displayed as a submenu item where the <title> part is only displayed in the submenu item, on click only the <text> will be inserted into a new row including bold or italic

without the | sign will be displayed in the submenu and inserted in the content with html formatting

<text> can contain <b>…</b> for bold or <i>…</i> for italic for highlighting parts of the pattern, the bold and italic is not displayed in the submenu item