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If the files that the user edits or creates should be imported to IBM Rational DOORS (directly or via Atego Requirement Synchronizer), an export is necessary.

After editing and before importing to DOORS, you have to do an export by clicking on File->Export. During the export all the linked files will be wrapped in an OLE envelope. To protect the ReqEdit variant of the ReqIF file, the export function will ask the user for a new file name, where to save the DOORS variant. This new file can be imported to IBM Rational DOORS.

NOTE:  IBM Rational DOORS version. 9.5.2 and Atego Requirements Synchronizer 2.4 have been tested.

By clicking the “Export” menu item, a wizard will be opened and guide you through the export process.

Export wizard

On the first page of the wizard you will find some information and a link to the documentation. By selecting the “Do not show me this start page next time” check-box, this page will not be shown anymore on the wizard start-up.

In the next page of the wizard, the format of the file you want to export has to be selected. The available options are “IBM Rational DOORS© compatible ReqIF format” and “RIF 1.1a format”. It is possible also exporting into an Excel file or to export as an Encrypted file.

Export Wizard Destination type

The following page lets you select the destination path and name for your output file. In case you want to export to RIF format and your file is a multi-document file, multiple .zip files will be created at export. In this case, only the destination folder can be selected and the file names will be assigned automatically.

Export Wizard Path selector

After selecting the file paths, the wizard will convert your file and a confirmation page will be displayed.

You can find your exported files in the destination directory you have specified on the previous page.

Successful import

NOTE: If you export a file to RIF format, another page containing mapping tables will be displayed after you select the file paths. This page contains tabs for each file (in case of a multi ReqIF file archive) and for each document contained in the .reqif files. For each document you can set the destination attribute name for every source attribute.


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