ReqEdit not starting on Win 10 or Win 11 (Security hardened)

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ReqEdit not starting on Win 10 or Win 11 (Security hardened)

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last updated: 03/10/2023

If you cannot run Reqedit by clicking on the reqedit.exe file, please check your Security settings. For this you need to have admin rights.

Windows Security window in Win10 or Win 11
Windows Security window
  1. Go to App and browser control tab

2. Go to Exploit protection tab

Exploit protection window in Windows Security / App and browser control

3. Check the Force randomization for images (Mandatory ASLR) tab option

If it is set to On by default, change to Use default (Off).

If you don’t have permission to change it, go to Program settings tab on the top of the page and add the Reqedit.exe to the list of programs.

Customise the list with programs

Program settings window to customise the list of running programs

Path of .exe files in ReqEdit Folder

Note: Please add each exe file to the list:

  • Reqedit.exe
  • \AddOn\XmlEditor\ReqEditXmlEditor.exe
  • \AddOn\Excel\ExcelImport.exe
  • \AddOn\Lm\ReqEditLm.exe
  • \AddOn\ReqMerge\ReqMerge.exe

4. Set the Override to Off for Force randomization for images ( Mandatory ASLR)

Exploit protection settings

5. Click Apply