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Create document in REQEDIT

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last updated: 02/05/2024

ReqEdit creates different types of requirement documents.

  • New specification (.reqif)

You can create a new specification document withouth attachements.

  • New specification with attachements (.reqifz)

You can create a new specification document with attachments, images, file attachments based on ReqIF format from default or template. This option is recommended to use, vs the simple reqif documents.

More about ReqIF formats read here.

ReqIF (.reqif)ReqIF Archive (.reqifz)
No attachmentsCan have attachments

Create a new specification document


Create a new specification document:

  • Click on the wanted option on the Dashboard or
  • Open File menu/New… and choose the option you want to use
File menu

New Archive

ReqIF Archive supports attaching external images or files to any requirement. Creating a new archive will show a window asking for a filename.

Choose default template from the Template selector pop-up window.

A new file template appears.

New Template

An overview of the user interface description, read here.

Adding new items

Now you can add rows, add columns (attributes) to your document.

To add rows click File/Edit/Insert new row … or Insert new child row

To delete rows click File/Edit/Delete row

To add Column go to Settings/Document or use shortcut key F8

In the Document settings table use Attributes tab to add new or edit or delete columns.

Document settings
Attribute editor

Note: You cannot edit a created attribute type after saving it.

More about attributes and attribute types read here.


ReqIF Archive .reqifz files support having file attachments for objects. 

Only XHTML attributes can have attachments inside .reqifz files

Image attachments: png, bmp, jpg, gif, ico, wmf,

File attachments: any file type is supported: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx …

Inserting file attachments

To add an attachment simply right click the XHTML inline editor area and select Insert image or Insert file

ReqEdit displaying context menu, highlighted is the insert image and file menu item
ReqEdit displaying attachment previews of an object, contains file icons and preview images

About editing an opened specification file read here.

Opening existing files, read here.