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ReqEdit supply chain

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last updated: 08/16/2022

Use ReqEdit in your supply-chain to minimize data loss and risk factors. Give your suppliers the possibility to use ReqIF requirements with our software.

ReqEdit Supply Chain solution package including ReqEdit Ultimate on the Manufacturer side and ReqEdit Supplier edition on the Supplier side, diagram illustrates the data exchange between the participants with recommended actions

The package

ReqEdit Ultimate

Starting from 5 network licenses

Internal use within the company

All add-ons are included

ReqEdit Supplier edition

Unlimited licenses

External use by suppliers

Can only fill in specific data

ReqEdit supplier edition

ReqEdit can be branded and distributed to suppliers. Licensing terms and conditions can be configured to accommodate different use cases.


The main content area of the application can display your logo image, and on the bottom license area the company name can also be included.

ReqEdit branding areas highlighted


Whitelabeling uses only a time limited license without locking to a specific machine. Specific license text can be included to represent the usage terms and conditions for the supplier.

Promoting ReqIF format

As your company grows and the requirements are more and more sophisticated, lossless data transfers are a key factor to minimize communication errors and production delays.

Some of the benefits of using ReqIF format include:

Structured data

Lossless data exchange


Lossless data round trips between tools

Suppliers can participate in this data exchange easily by offering ReqEdit to them.