Licence update without a licence manager installed (no ACC)

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Licence update without a licence manager installed (no ACC)

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last updated: 02/22/2023

Use case:

License update in case of no license manager installed and more than one PC with ReqEdit installed. The firm becomes the necessary .v2c files for license updating from REQTEAM, conform the license IDs. Each .v2c file is for the PC with the same KeyID.

1. Find the KeyID info.

In File ReqEdit/LicenseActivation.exe.config     change settings to ForceStart.

<setting name="ForceStart" serializeAs="String">

Than click on Reqedit / LicenseActivation.exe
On the License info Tab you can find the Key ID of the certain PC

License activator – license info

2. From the .v2c files that REQTEAM sent to you choose the one with the same KeyID numbers.

3.   Go to LicenseActivator and click on the button Activate.

Update license process through offline activation

Choose the .v2c file for that PC.

Click Open

Successful license updating message.