Encrypt /Decrypt files

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Encrypt /Decrypt files

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last updated: 03/27/2023

The En-/Decrypt file feature encrypts files with password. The Encrypt function supports the following encryption formats:

Encrypt method File extension 
Encryption characteristics
AES-256 – WinZip and 7zip compatible.reqencthe password is re-hashed multiple times
Zip compatible .reqzippassword is not hashed, so it could be opened in windows with the correct password
Encryption method types

Encrypt a file by SAVE AS

Save as window type selector displaying ReqEdit Encrypted File

First open the file you want to be encrypted. To encrypt a file choose File/Save as … menu. Select ReqEdit Encrypted File (*reqenc, *.reqzip) as file type then click SAVE.

A window appears to set the password for encryption. Password has to be minimum 6 characters.

File Encrypt pop-up window

The encrypted file is saved in the given folder.

Decrypt a file by OPEN

To decrypt a file, open ReqEdit and from the File / Open menu select the encrypted file with the extensions: *.reqenc, *.reqzip and click Open

Decrypt File pop-up window

A pop up window appears, where you can fill in the password given during the encryption process. Then click Open. A confirmation message appears and after clicking on OK the file opens.