Display a ReqIF Info panel for files

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Display a ReqIF Info panel for files

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last updated: 02/15/2024

ReqEdit exclusive feature to show additional information related to a reqif file. The content can be easily customized by editing a HTML file. This feature is available for all editions of ReqEdit 2.22.

To try out this panel create a new Archive from the ReqEdit JS Demo template or download below

Use this to inform collaborators about specifics related to processes or actions to follow. Or just as an overview description related to a reqif file.

ReqEdit displaying the ReqIF Info panel with html content.

To display the panel simply customize and copy the ReqEditReqifInfo.html in the reqifz or zip document. Then on opening it will be automatically displayed on the right side.

Download and extract the package, then modify and copy the html into the ReqIF package.

NOTE: The browser inside the panel uses old browser engine so newer features are unavailable. Also opening other URLs is blocked. The attachment is technically a lost attachment unreferenced in the reqif file.