License activation

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License activation

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last updated: 02/10/2022

General overview about the license activation options. For more details, click here.

Automatic activation

Activation is automatic for trial version and for some custom-tailored versions.

Online activation

(Public environment, internet/online access with no restriction)

The License activator window appears. In the text box enter the Product key and press the Activate button

Diagram of public environment with direct connection to ReqEdit License Server

Follow the Activation steps

Offline activation

(Limited environment, with restriction on internet/online access)


Access to ReqEdit License Server is restricted or not available. Manually activate license for the machine where ReqEdit is running.

Offline activation with LicenseActivation.exe

Offline Activation with LicenseActivation.exe

RUS Tool

Offline activation with RUS tool downloaded from the ReqEdit License Server

Offline Activation with RUS tool

Network license server ACC

(Public internet access is restricted due to internal security policies, and only a local license server is accessible)

A self-hosted licensing server is installed on the restricted network. The server holds all the ReqEdit licenses, that can be accessed from any workstation inside the company network (no local license installation necessary).

Diagram of restricted environment with self hosted ReqEdit License Server

Setting up the Network license server

License detaching

Note: please inform REQTEAM if you plan to use detaching, so the license can be generated for this purpose.

When users want to have a working copy of ReqEdit outside the restricted environment. License detaching is possible by using the Detach Tool Add-on.

Detaching licenses will lock the license for a period of time for a specific machine. Locking a license has to be done inside the restricted environment, after which it can be disconnected from the network.

Diagram showing detach mechanism to work outside network license server

License detaching