Licensing models and environments

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Licensing models and environments

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last updated: 11/10/2021

Public environment

Connection to the ReqTeam License Server is available. Start LicenseActivation.exe and wait for it to finish and start ReqEdit automatically.

Diagram of public environment with direct connection to ReqEdit License Server

Offline Activation

Access to ReqEdit License Server is restricted or not available. Manually create license for the machine where ReqEdit is running.

Offline activation with LicenseActivation.exe
Offline activation with RUS tool downloaded from the ReqEdit License Server

There is a quick start guide for activation with RUS tool here: Starting ReqEdit

Download RUS Tool

  1. login to the customer page of REQTEAM license management (
  2. enter your license key from your license
  3. download RUS tool (RUS_OWOZQ)

Using RUS Tool

RUS tool is provided by Thales / Sentinel read more here: Using the RUS utility (

  1. execute RUS tool
  2. select Collect Status Information and select C2V file type.
  3. select Installation of new protection key
  4. press Collect Information
  5. save the C2V file

C2V file can be used for license related operations.

Activate ReqEdit with RUS tool

Send the C2V file to ReqEdit support, you will receive the V2C file.

  1. execute RUS Tool
  2. select tab Apply License File and select the V2C file
  3. press Execute Update to activate the license on the machine

Limited environment

Public internet access is restricted, and only a local license server is accessible

Self-hosted license server (Network license)

A self-hosted licensing server is installed on the restricted network. The server holds all the license pools that can be used and has to contain an current snapshot of the license database from ReqEdit License Server. Updating can be done automatically (online) or manually (offline).

Installing network license server

Windows version: haspdinst.exe Linux version: aksusbd-8.21.1.tar (files are provided by Thales Sentinel EMS)

  • Port 1947 has to be opened
  • Type haspdinst -i in the command line. The installation or upgrade process is performed automatically. A message is displayed informing you that the Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment was successfully installed.
  • Immediately after the Run-time Environment is installed or upgraded, any V2C file contained in the same folder is applied to the relevant protection key on the machine. Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment 7.100 or later must be present on the machine for the V2C files to be automatically applied.

You can find an extended description if you double-click on the program in Windows File Manager

To check the status of the installation execute the command

haspdinst -info

In the ReqEdit application folder you need to start the executable “Start.exe” or “LicenseActivator.exe” depending on the version you have and insert the FQDN or IP of your license server. 

Read more on the topic here Installation guide Thales/Sentinel LDK EMS

Setting up the network license server

Read the detailed steps here Network / Floating license server

Uninstall network license server

To remove the license server service execute haspdinst.exe -r in the command line. To force remove execute haspdinst.exe -fr

Create C2V file for network license

For the activation of a network license you need to generate a C2V file. On a Windows server, you can download the RUS Tool to generate the C2V file (Got information form you computer (C2V file)).

C2V on Linux

If you are using Linux, the procedure is a little bit more complex. You need to log in to your license server (ACC) and click the tab “Diagnostics”. Here you find a button named “Generate ID File”. After click this button you got an ID file for save. Please save this file to local drive and change the file extension to .c2v.

Now open this C2V file in a text editor and change the structure of the ID file, which should look like this (characters truncated with …):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<license_manager id="F07reQmW9igotxo.....1b4VD5kRUi4qsA" time="0">
<host_fingerprint type="SL-AdminMode" crc="123456789">

and change the file to this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<host_fingerprint type="SL-AdminMode" crc="123456789">

Server sync

Manual / Offline license server sync

Licenses available has to be transferred to the network license server. From ReqEdit License Server a V2C file has to be imported.

Read the detailed steps here Network (floating) license server

Diagram of restricted environment with self hosted ReqEdit License Server

License detaching

When users want to have a working copy of ReqEdit outside the restricted environment. License detaching is possible by using the Detach Tool Add-on.

Detaching licenses will lock the license for a period of time for a specific machine. Locking a license has to be done inside the restricted environment, after which it can be disconnected from the network.

Diagram showing detach mechanism to work outside network license server