Solve cloning on network license

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Solve cloning on network license

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last updated: 03/23/2022

If you run your license server on a virtual machine, could happen that the license will be invalidated by cloning detection. This happens in most of the cases if a backup will be restored.

To solve this issue please generate a new C2V file from the key that reports this issue and send it to with the hint that cloning was reported. If you have multiple keys, make sure you create the C2V from the right key. You find the button in the menu “Sentinel Keys” in your Sentinel ACC (Admin control center).

Generate C2V

We will remove this entry from your license and send you a new V2C update for you license, which you need to upload to solve this issue. You find the upload field in the menu “Update/Attach” in your ACC.

Update license (V2C file)