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View Manager

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last updated: 02/05/2024

What are views?

Views are visible column sets with optional custom sorting and filtering saved as presets. The view manager is located in the toolbar icon groups on the right side.

The views are only for displaying the ReqIF contents in a more human friendly manner for large files with lots of metadata.

The view presets are saved in the ReqIF file

Views can be exported and later imported from the local hard drive

ReqEdit displaying the view manager popup window, highlighted is the view manager toolbar

There are two system views defined per each document which cannot be deleted:

All Attributes – show all the columns in the document

Main column – show only the main column

View selector in the toolbar

Manage views

To be able to manage views user defined views has to be created by clicking the Create new view icon

View toolbar icons, selected is the Create new view icon

Create or edit views

Pressing the Edit view icon the view editor popup window is displayed. The toolbar icons are:

  • Rename
  • Save
  • Save and Apply, will show the applied view in the main content area
  • Delete after confirmation the view is deleted
  • Make a copy of the view by setting a new name
  • Export the current view in a .view file
  • Import .view files. Only existing column names are imported
  • Cleanup, will leave only the visible columns in the document, a confirmation popup lists all the views / attributes that will be removed. This operation saves the document so a backup is highly advised.
View editor window

A certain view can be set as default. If specified, the ReqEdit opens the default view on start.


Views can inherit filtering from the current document. Press Copy filter from editor to save the filter into the view.

Show deleted objects filter can also be used


Creating new views

Clicking the Add View button will ask user for the new view name and preparea it will all the attributes added to it

Editing views

User can edit the view in the main gui with rightclicking the column names or by opening the View manager panel by clicking the icon to the right

View manger toolbar, highlighted is the Edit view icon

Deleting views

User can delete the selected view if it’s not any of the system views by clicking the Delete View button located in the toolbar