Filtering, Searching and Sorting

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Filtering, Searching and Sorting

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last updated: 01/10/2022


Filtering can be used to display only a subset of objects based on specific criteria.

Filtering is temporary, rules are not saved.

From the toolbar create filter, enable / disable current filter, delete filter can be used.

ReqEdit toolbar highlighted are the filtering icons

Filters can be constructed by the toolbar icons, then later edited or deleted.

ReqEdit filter editor popup window


Activate the search bar from the toolbar or by pressing CTRL+F

ReqEdit search bar displayed above the main content area

Search can be done in three contexts:

  • Main Column: search only in ReqIF.ChapterName, ReqIF.Name, ReqIF.Text
  • Entire document: all attributes
  • ForeignID: search only in ReqIF.ForeignID (only if the attribute is present in the current document)
ReqEdit searching, found result displayed in green cell background

Search and Replace

Replacing values or part of values depending on the search can be done by pressing CTRL+H enabling the replace bar

The replace function works only for the Main Column

ReqEdit displaying Search and Replace bar above main content area

Skipping a specific replacement press the Next button

Replace all will do the replacements in the contents of the Main Column then display the total count of replacements.

Sorting columns

Columns can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking or by right clicking on the column header. Each sort will reset the previous sorting.

ReqEdit column sorting menu by right clicking on the column headers

Multi-column sorting

To have multiple sorting CTRL+click the column headers you want to sort. A numbered arrow will display the sorting order. To change the ordering press CTRL+click again on the column

ReqEdit multi column sorting displayed by numbered arrows in the column headers

Reset sorting

Press the delete sorting icon in the toolbar or press CTRL+D