Create document in REQEDIT

ReqEdit creates different types of requirement documents. You can create a new specification document withouth attachements. You can create a […]

Edit ReqIF requirement files

Why ReqIF files? Requirement Interchange Format is the de facto standard for lossless requirement data exchange for any industry. ReqIF […]

Install ReqEdit

System Requirements Microsoft Windows x64.Net 4.7.2 runtime packageMS EDGE browser or Chrome (for Compare Add-on HTML report) Operating systems OS […]

License activation

General overview about the license activation options. For more details, click here. Automatic activation Activation is automatic for trial version […]

Open ReqIF requirement files

ReqEdit is used to display contents of ReqIF requirement exchange files including attachments and images in ReqIF Archive files. These […]

Quick start guide

1. Download ReqEdit Read how to download ReqEdit trial and how to install and start it. For the purchased product […]

ReqIF requirements format

RIF/ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) is an XML file format suitable for lossless exchange of requirements in any industry. The old […]

User Interface

Overview The look and feel of the application is similar to any classic Windows application. It has a main menu […]