Add-on for Weak-word analysis

Weak words are words that are confusing for readers and should be avoided if possible. This tool provides a case […]

Excel importer add-on

Convert a single MS Excel file with XLSX extension to a ReqIF Archive file (.xlsx to .reqifz) Usage Start the […]

Export to MS Excel

File types you can export to MS Excel with ReqEdit ReqIF 1.0.1 to ReqIF compatibility mode  RIF 1.1 / RIF 1.1a archive format […]


incomplete: needs config and export finish


The Import add-on opens non-standard ReqIF files and imports MS Word document files, or MS Excel spreadsheets. To import click […]

License Detach Utility

To be able to work outside of the restricted environment and self hosted license server, licenses can be locked for […]

Merge / Compare Addon

Tool for comparing and merging ReqIF/ReqIFz files. Can be used to compare two versions of the same file or merge […]

Requirement Templates

Templates for Requirement Engineering ReqEdit offers templates for different use cases between customer and supplier according to Prostep ivip Recommendations. […]

XML Editor add-on

ReqEdit XML Editor is optimized for ReqIF files. Supports XML validation as well as ReqIF schema validation. Opening the XML […]